Six ways to make your newborn baby photo shoot go really smoothly.

I have put together a collection of handy tips to make your newborn baby photography session go smoothly, I hope you find them useful.

Newborn baby photography is different from older baby photography, you really want your baby to be sleepy throughout the photo session to get those incredible calm and dreamy shots of your new family addition.  These tips will make the transitions easier and calmer for your child,   make for less hassle for you and your photographer and help you have stunning images from the photo shoot.


1 - Make sure your baby is well fed.

It’s a great idea to feed your new baby at least half an hour before the photo shoot, this way they will arrive content and sleepy.


A sleepy newborn baby photo
Brighton newborn photographer

2 - Dress your baby for the shoot

Please dress your baby in a front opening baby grow with no vest. Having just one item of clothing that is easy to undo will make the transition to an undressed pose a lot easier.   We don’t want to upset baby taking off layers and layers of clothes.  Don’t forget the studio will be well heated.


3 - Entertain your baby beforehand

On the morning of your baby’s photo session keep them entertained by interacting with them a lot.   This should helpfully make them more sleepy during their photo shoot.

newborn baby photo shoot in Brighton

4 - Please bring dummies if you have/use them.

If you use dummies please bring them along to the studio.

5 - Expect your baby to feed during the session

Your baby will want to feed at times during the session,  please bring along made up formula or we can provide a screen if your require privacy for breastfeeding.

newborn baby in a bucket
newborn photographer in East Sussex

6 - Bring your baby in their car seat

Please carry your baby from the car to the studio in their car seat.   This will make the transition from car to studio a lot calmer and easier for them.

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Newborn baby photo shoots take place in his professional portrait studio here in Brighton, East Sussex, please ask for details if you require an intimate session in your own home.