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Portrait photography posing tips, some Frequent Questions I am Asked

One of the most frequent questions I get asked in this job is ‘how should I pose?’ It’s like a well-guarded secret that only celebrities have access to. But in all honesty it’s all about practice and knowing a few dos and don’ts and here are just a few portrait photography tips.

And guess what, in this guide to being photogenic I’m going to let you in on these tips and tricks so whenever a camera comes out you can look fantastic.

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Just for the ladies

The first thing is to keep your skin in check, and I’m not just talking about making sure your skin isn’t greasy, I’m talking about ensuring your foundation and/or concealer is applied evenly and matches your natural skin-tone. There’s nothing worse than looking at a photo and seeing that your face isn’t the same colour as your neck.

Be emotional

One of the biggest portrait photography tips is not to fake your emotions or hide them away, be emotional! If you want to look extra happy, think of a funny moment in your life, one of those times that when you think of it you just can’t contain that smile. Oh and always show those pearly whites.

Be coy

Never, ever look at the camera straight on. The camera uses light to convert a 3D object into 2D, so objects will be flattened and compressed. Basically, if you look at the camera straight on, it will show the fullness of your face and will add weight. Instead, turn your head to the side and slightly down, the natural shadows that occur will frame your face much better.

Know what looks good

You know what your best asset is; just as well as you know your worst! So show that asset off by turning that part toward the camera and similarly, turn the part of your body you don’t like away from the camera.

Be bendy

If you want to look a little slimmer in photos then lean a little toward the camera, head first. It sounds weird, but leaning forward a little can make your body appear slimmer because it’s further away.

Another one of the great portrait photography tips is to bend your joints, bend your arms into natural positions; it looks much MUCH better than being straight limbed.

Step into the light

Light can either make or break a picture. If there’s light behind and above you it can create dark shadows under your eyes and make you appear a lot grainier. Instead position the light in front and above you, it will make you glow and create a beautiful picture.

Be confident

Don’t be a shrinking violet, be proud and love those things that make you, you! If you have freckles then show them off, if you have laughter lines then embrace them, you’ll look much more photogenic if you’re confident with what you look like.

Practice makes perfect pics

Get out that camera and take those selfies with these tips in mind, once your pose becomes second nature you’re all set.

Obviously, taking photos with a small camera or a smart-phone won’t give you the same results as a professional photo shoot, and the pros of visiting a pro like me is that I can tell you how to position yourself so that you look your best.

If you want more information about going pro with your photos, then call me on 01273582149 I’m more than happy to help!

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