Peter Arciero

Pet Photographer in Brighton East Sussex

Hi!, I’m Peter , a Brighton photographer, I’m Sussex born and bred, but my folks came from a little town in southern Italy, hence the unusual name. (pronounced archee – aero).

As a dog owner myself I know that these adorable creatures are a huge part of your family. They are always there for us wagging their tails when we come home or happily getting us out of bed for their morning walkies. They are our  kids and we love them so much.

You may be a busy person with so many commitments and I understand that finding time for your dogs portrait gets put on the back burner.
From experience though, our dogs lives are so short, one minute they are a bouncing puppy full of new life and energy and the next they are slowing into old age.  We don’t always have the luxury of waiting until later.

At Peter Arciero Photography,  we have created a luxury portrait experience for you and your fur baby. It’s your ‘time out’  to have  the fun experience of creating timeless wall art for you to enjoy for many years to come. It’s also super convenient as you can view your photos at the same session., saving you time unlike  other studios where you have to drive back and forth.

My love for photography started with portraits of my pets and my family and friends. I love to have them printed and framed and hung up large at home. Can you imaging the joy and feeling of love in your heart you will feel every time you stop to admire your own pet portraits displayed as wall art in your home. You will cherish them forever.

My studio is  boutique and I only have a limited number of sessions available every week to give my clients the best experience from any professional portrait studio, so don’t delay and miss out! Book now or just find out more by filling in the form.