Just had young Hanna the Great Dane in the studio, she’s 1 year old and like any toddler she dribbles a lot, chews her toys and couldn’t keep still. She still has a lot to grow as well!

It was a fun portrait, Hanna the dog was very lively and although with smaller dogs it’s ok to use chewy toys in this instance she would simply take them and chew them to pieces, with no chance of my retrieving them!  Pet portraits can be a bit of a challenge!


Pet Portraits of Hanna the Great Dane

Hanna the young Great Dane


Pet Portraits – a fun way to record your little (or not so little) family members

I love to take Pet Portraits of your dogs, cats, gerbils in fact anything with 2 or 4 legs are welcome!

Peter Arciero is Brighton’s leading Pet Portrait photographer with a fully equipped pet portrait Brighton studio that is safe for animals to run around in.

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Since writing this post I have become the Accredited East Sussex photographer raising  funds for the DogsTrust.

In return for a minimum donation of just £10 you can have a fabulous pet portrait of your little fur baby AND you could win £1000 cash, for more information go to Brighton Pet Photographer Pet Portrait Awards