Baby Photoshoot Tips – making the most of your baby portrait photo shoot

Here are some tips for when you have your baby photography photo shoot at my studio (or anywhere else for that matter)

Plan around your baby

Try to book your session around their feeding/sleep times.   Like us they are at their best at different times of the day,   if your session is mid week it is generally easier to have that perfect time of day booked for you.  Generally speaking early in the day is best for most babies.
For newborn baby photography it works well to have them sleepy at the session, hard as it might seem try and keep them awake for an hour or two before the photo shoot.

Make them feel at home

Bring their favourite blanket with you to the session.

Bring some props/costumes

Do you have any great hats for them? they always look good in headgear.

An extra pair of hands is always useful

An extra pair of hands, it’s a good idea to have dad along at your baby photography sessions.

Include older siblings

Include your older children, some of the sweetest images you can get are with him or her and their older siblings. Older kids can hold and support the little one and it makes them feel special too.


Brighton and Hove baby photography

Baby photography in Brighton and Hove


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