The Planning Appointment – Looking back over the last year and the changes I’ve made to the business. One of the greatest improvements by far has been to introduce a planning your portrait photography session where a parent will spend 20 minutes with me at the studio beforehand and discuss their goals for the photo shoot such as the styling, what to wear, toys/props etc. It has made a massive difference to the results. Thing is I don’t know any other studio in the area that does this (it’s common in the USA), to me it’s a bit like having a bespoke tailored suit made and not going to get measured up, you don’t know exactly what you will end up with. What do you think?

Image of child in outsized clothes for planning your portrait photography session

Planning your portrait photography session

Since the start of 2014 I have included a planning session at the studio, this means that parents get to think about their vision for the portrait before they attend the photo shoot.   Especially with young kids in tow it is hard at the session to discuss the type of wall portraits they would like, this gives them a fantastic chance to planning well ahead and have some great images as a result.

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