Headshots for actors – what are casting agents looking for?

Here is a selection of images from a recent headshot photo shoot featuring young actor Josh.

Headshots for Actors


Most actors need a Spotlight type image for their portfolio,  however a casting director will also want to see a variety of images that show the actor in a range of roles.    By changing the mood and lighting of the portrait I have managed to portray this actor in a number of different styles.

Having a good knowledge of lighting and the right light shaping tools is a great advantage for me whilst providing headshots for actors in my studio. It is also important to have a good rapport with your sitter to put them at ease and allow the session to run smoothly.

Casting directors and agents also like to see images that are a true likeness of you, from their perspective it is time wasting to audition someone who does not look like their headshot photos. I always aim to provide faithful images of my sitters and keep the amount of retouching to a minimum.

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Peter Arciero is a headshot photographer in Brighton providing high quality head shots for actors, entertainers, actresses, writers, singers or musicians who are based in London, Brighton, Sussex, Kent, Surrey, Hampshire, south east UK, and towns such as Hove, Eastbourne, Tunbridge Wells, Guildford, Worthing and Crawley.