Just posting an image from a recent photo shoot in the portrait studio.

There’s no doubt about it, black and white photography is hugely popular in this modern world of digital imaging.

So far this year I have been asked to provide black and white photography portraits for most of my photo sessions.    It’s a great medium and takes away the distractions that colour photography can sometimes bring.   I always feel that it provides a timeless quality to family portraiture and will never go out of fashion.

Image of lady depicting black and white photography

Black and White Photography by Brighton photographer Peter Arciero


What’s your style – do you love black and white photography

In this image I have slightly side lit the subject to bring out the contours of her face and make the final image more three dimensional.   This style of photography is sometimes referred to as ‘low key photography’  and gives a more intimate feel to the portrait,  it’s very different from a wheite background or ‘high key’ venture style photograph.

If you are interested in having a gorgeous black and white photography portrait in Brighton, Sussex, call me on 01273582149 or book your black and white photography using the form.