The name Venture Photography has become synonymous with a modern type of family portrait photography that is represents a happy lifestyle.   The images appear fun and fresh.    These portrait studios first appeared in the 1990’s and at the time were a total break from the rather staid and formal style of family portrait taken by a lot of the high street studios that were around then.

Mostly images are taken in what is know as a ‘high key’ studio, that is with a white backdrop, bright clothes and lots of props, an example of this type of photography is shown here –

An example of venture style photography taken at my studio

Venture Style Photography in Brighton


Personally I like the style, and the quality of their frames are excellent. Hats off to Venture Photography for raising the bar!

I have heard that customers often remark about their pricing though,   this is understandable given the type of business. They are run as franchises and the franchise owner will want a percentage,   those high street premises come with high street rents, ever helpful there is an army of staff to pay as well.    These costs have to be passed on to their customers.

I believe that I can give you a great experience,  amazing high key studio photography and beautiful quality wall frames (some are made by the same supplier)  without these extra costs.  I firmly believe in quality not cheapness.

If you are looking for a great family portrait experience and the best wall portraits to decorate your home call me now on 01273582149 or book online now

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